Tripps Travel Network recommend experiencing the magic of Maui, the second largest Hawaiian island. Customizing the vacation package according to your preference will help save time and money on arranging appropriate accommodations. Tourists even get to enjoy incredible activities like hiking its thick forests, swimming under its hidden waterfalls and biking down a volcano. The high end adventurers can even witness the beauty of Maui from above by booking on the Haleakala Helicopter Ride.

Tripps Travel Network recommend an upcountry zip line adventure in Maui where you get to soar above Maui’s beautiful forests, across canyons and rivers. You’ll even get to go higher and longer on the suspended lines. A camera is a must for the Maui tourists as they get to capture incredible photos of breathtaking landscapes and cascading waterfalls. Admiring the kaleidoscope of colorful corals, exotic marine creatures and its scenic landscape really makes the tourists feel that they are living in another world. The history buffs can explore its ancient ruins while the bird watchers get ready with their binoculars to catch a glimpse at some of the 570 bird species that live there.

Tripps Travel Network advise tourists that packing a snorkeling mask makes your beach experience in Maui more memorable as there are many snorkeling sites to enjoy. If you don’t want to haul all the gear to your holiday destination you can always rent some from its beach shops and enjoy an underwater experience like never before. With such beautiful experiences the fun in Maui is guaranteed to stay with you for a lifetime.